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Terms and Conditions concerning the use of the Denomatic website

With the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of our website, please find below the terms and conditions governing its use.The use of the site requires users to accept these Terms and Conditions, which they agree to read carefully.  The site’s owner reserves the right to modify, add or remove part of these Terms and Conditions at any time. It is therefore important that the user reads this document carefully at the beginning of each visit to the site, given that its Terms and Conditions may have undergone changes.

Ownership of the website.

The owners of this website are the trade entity DENOMATIC MEDIA, S.L. with registered address at Gremi de Fusters, 33. Edif. VIP ASIMA · 2º Of.2 07009 · Pol. Son Castelló - Palma de Mallorca, Tel.: +34871 949 285, Fax: +34971914846 with Spanish Tax Identification No. B57932329. Email address: trading@denomatic.com

Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The intellectual and industrial property rights related to the elements that appear on this website, such as: brands, trade names, logos, domain names, photographs, texts, etc., are owned by DENOMATIC or third parties and are protected by national and international laws. The unauthorised use of these elements (images, text, logos, or any other material appearing on the website), such as the reproduction, publication, modification, addition, deletion, or any other activity performed without DENOMATIC’s express authorisation shall represent an infringement of legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property, and other applicable laws. The material available for download at www.denomatic.com is DENOMATIC’s intellectual property. You may download said material for your sole personal use or for use by your organisation's staff, but no modification, copying, distribution, transfer, reproduction, publication, marketing, sale or any other activity that can be performed with said material may be carried out, even if the sources are cited, without DENOMATIC's written consent.


DENOMATIC reserves the right to make the changes to the information provided on this website that it deems appropriate, with no need for prior notice and with the aim of keeping the website updated.

Limitations on use.

The user assures DENOMATIC that this website will not be used for illegal purposes or ends that are forbidden under these Terms and Conditions. Infringement or attempted infringement by the user of the security measures employed to maintain the website's proper functioning is expressly forbidden, including, but not limited to: accessing confidential information or reserved data that is not intended for the visitor’s use, sending viruses, or email spamming. Violation or attempted violation of the system’s security or confidential information will entitle DENOMATIC to persecute such activity and seek civil or criminal liability actions, where applicable.


DENOMATIC shall not be held liable for the information contained on websites belonging to third parties that can be accessed via links on this website. Links on this website exist for purely informative purposes.


DENOMATIC shall not be held liable for:

  • Interruptions in the availability of information due to Internet network downtime, network failure, force majeure or reasons beyond DENOMATIC's control.
  • Damage caused by computer viruses.
  • The consequences arising from the users's improper use of the website’s contents.

DENOMATIC may justly interrupt the website service, without giving rise to user complaints, for security, maintenance, updating or IT resource restructuring reasons with the aim of improving the service. The user is responsible for the communications sent to DENOMATIC, as well as the data s/he enters, and therefore the consequences that may arise, for example, from entering false or incorrect information. Liability for statements transmitted via this website lies with those making the statements.

Infringement of the Terms and Conditions.

DENOMATIC reserves the right to seek civil or criminal liability actions against those individuals or legal persons who infringe any of the terms and conditions set forth herein.